Colonial Period (1910-1945)
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0 1910 treaty.jpg - 6.56 Kb 
Aug 22  The Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty was signed illegally

Aug. 29  Korea was annexed to Japan       ♣ See 1995 Prime Minister Muraya's apology

Sept. Many barber's shops were opened for cutting off the topknots 

Sept. The number of foreign missionaries in Korea:
         306 Americans, 90 Englihs, 50 French, 3 German, 4 Russians

Sept. The Methodist Church had 50,000 Koreans (probationers 18,134 Full members            
          6,590 inquireres 25,276); 50 local preachers, 165 exhorters, 12 Korean ordained
          deacons, and 2 Korean ordained elders 

Sept. 12 Iljin-hoe (a pro-Japanese society) was dissolved (members 140,725)
               Yi Yonggu's Sich'ôn-gyo continued

Sept. 13  Yi Chaemyong was executed (for his failed assassination of Yi Wanyong)  
 1910 sijo.jpg - 49.80 Kb   Oct. 10   The Adventist monthly 세 천사의 기별 [Sijo 時兆] began to be issued (the longest monthly in Korea)

aa turner.jpg - 11.76 Kb Oct. 28 Bishop Turner (1862-1910) of the English Church Mission died. (bishop 1905-10)

   Jan. 1
   Jan. 11    The Christian News 그리스도회보 founded
   Jan. 23    The Roman Catholic Church organized the Seoul and Taegu Dioceses
   Feb.          Bible School at Sônch'ôn organized    
  1911_bible.jpg - 56.56 Kb1911 ot c.jpg - 69.44 Kb   1911 b 1.jpg - 17.25 Kb
April  The first Korean Bible (the Old & New Testaments) was published
June 17  Severance Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association organized in Seoul
1911 bishop mark trollope.jpg - 83.81 Kb 
July 25  Anglican Bishop Mark Trollope was consecrated Bishop of the English Church  
                Mission in Korea
Aug. 2    Korean Christian leaders visited Japan
Aug. 23  Educational Regulations issued
Sept.      Conspiracy Case of assassination of Gov. Terauchi & arrests of Christians began
Oct.      The first Southern Methodist ministers, 金興順, 鄭春洙, 朱漢明, were ordained
              Methodist Union Theological Seminary established in Seoul
Nov-Dec. Presbyteries of Cholla, Kyongch'ung, Kyongsang, & Hwanghae organized  
Feb.     The New Bible House in Seoul was completed. 
1912_.jpg - 754.14 Kb a new building of the Saemunan Presbyterian Church completed
June 1      The first annual meeting of the Seoul Foreign School Association.
Sept. 16   The Seoul Foreign School opened with a teacher Miss Van Waggoner
Sept. 18   The dedication of Andong Presbyterian Church in Seoul   
Sept. 21   The Korea Holiness Bible Institute of the OMS opened. 
Sept.         Mr. and Mrs. Bunker came back at their post in Seoul with a niece and an   
                         adopted daughter.
00 yunchiho.jpg - 18.05 Kb March 20 The Seoul Court judged 105 prisoners of the Conspiracy Case
                   99 were released as innocent; six men, guilty, appealed to the Suprem Court 
                   (Yun Chiho, Yang Kitak, Yi Sunghun, An Taeguk, Im Chijong, Ok Kwanbin) 
March 29 The affiliation of the Korean YMCA with the Japanese YMCA was decided
1914 grduates of ehwa.jpg - 20.93 Kb The first college graduation of Ewha Women's School
1914_expos.jpg - 50.12 Kb Union Evangelism Hall during the Seoul Exposition 
1914_underwood_30th.jpg - 37.38 Kb The 3oth Anniversary of the Seoul Missions, Underwood speaking
    March 5   The Chosen Christian College was organized
    April          The Chosen Christian College opened at the building of YMCA
0_1916_ymca_ccc.jpg - 102.12 Kb Oct. 30 Chosen Christian College at YMCA building, Seoul 
uts  011.jpg - 98.93 Kbldpd_7705012_000_00000005.jpg - 172.53 Kb   
     March First Independence Movement. See The Korean Provisional Government, "The Korean Independence Movement" (Shanghai: Oriental Press, 1919). 
     April 19  The cornerstone of the administration building of the Chosen Christian College
brown 1921 1111 Brown publihsed the 2nd edition of his book, The Mastery of the Far East, in which he included the March First Independence Movement

1925 s f team.jpg - 20.04 Kb Soongsil College Soccer Team
kim_gale_yi_yi_1925.jpg - 71.03 Kb James S. Gale and his literary assistants (Kim Kyosûng, Yi Ch'angjik, Yi Wonmo)
1927 h church.jpg - 72.32 Kb Hamheung Presbyterian Church 
1927 new korea 24-25 1927 new korea-1
Kim Taejin 김태진, 새죠션 The New Korea (Seoul:RTSk) 

img729 copy.jpg - 161.34 Kb Board of Revisers of the Old Testament, Yi Wonmo, A. A. Pieters, & W. D. Reynolds. They completed the RV translation in 1938.

christmas seal.jpg - 182.87 Kb Fifth Anniversary of Korean Christmas Seals
   The Revised Version Korean Bible (NT & OT) was publihsed. 

1943_shinto_w.jpg - 9.60 Kb Korean Christian leaders taken at a Buddhist Temple after worshipping at the Ise Shinto Shrine, Japan