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Korean M60   Introduction to Korean Religions (GE 5)
Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Knowledge of Korean not required. Historical development of religions (shamanism, Confucianism, Buddhismin, Christianity, new religions, and Islam) in Korea, beliefs and practices, impact of religions on modern Korean culture and society. Coverage varies. Letter grading.
Korean 153  Korea West Encounters (4)
 A historical review of the encounters between Western civilization and cultures (politics, thoughts, science, religions) and Korea from the 17th century to the current Korean diaspora and the Korean Wave.                       
Asian 172 Christianity in East Asia (4)
A review of the history of Christianities in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Mongolia, focusing on the modern period.                   
Korean 172  Topics in Korean Christianity (4)
Lecture and discussion, three hours; Surveys a history of Korean Christianity, mostly Protestantism, and focuses on its major issues and movements. Reviews the indigenization of Christianity in its encounters with Korean religions, and the distinctiveness of Korean Christianity compared to Chinese or Japanese Christianity. Letter grading only. Graduate students can sign up.
Korean 173 Christianity and North Korea (4)
History of Christianity in North Korea and Pyongyang; Christianity since 1945; Refugees from North Korea; and the Christian reunification movement
Korean 177  Introduction to Modern Korean Thought (4)                                       
Lecture and discussion, three hours; Requisite: course 50. Knowledge of Korean not required. Survey of Korean thought in late 19th and 20th centuries, including religious thought, political thought, feminism, nationalism, and economic thinking and practice. Letter grading. Graduate students can sign up.  
Chinese 143/243  Readings of Sino-Korean Sources of Modern Korea (4)
Seminar, three hours. Recommended preparation: reading knowledge of Korean and basic classical Chinese. Readings and discussions of Sino-Korean and Korean texts published in modern Korean newspapers, magazines, and books from 1885 to 1970. Concurrently scheduled with course C249. Letter grading.
Korean 248  Reading Korean Scholarly Journals: Social and Cultural Change as Reflected in Academic Discourse (4) 
Seminar, three hours. Recommended preparation: basic reading knowledge of Korean. Reading of recently published academic journal articles in Korean language. Coverage of rapidly changing multiple Korean identities and related issues in family, marriage, gender, urban poverty, and religious culture in context of globalization and neoliberalism. Seminar, three hours.
Korean 272 Seminar: History of Korean Christianity (4)
Coverage of representative scholars' writings on history of Korean Christianity, with focus on Protestantism. Issues include politics, identities of Korean Christians and Western missionaries, church growth and decline, medical, educational, literary, and woman's work, and Christianity's encounters with Korean religions, and foreign missions. S/U or letter grading.
Korean 273 Seminar: Reading Texts of Korean Christianity (4)
Reading primary sources of Christianity in Korea: English, Chinese, and Japanese materials. 
Korean 274 Seminar: Korean American Christianity (4)
Selected topics of Korean American Churches, including history, generations, gender, and sociocultural issues  
Asian 596 Directed Individual Studies (4)
                         For graduates Students.

Asian 599 Dissertation Presparation: Ph. D. Dissertation

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