20141024 130029 pp Oct. 24, Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, PA
20141020 155831 pp Oct. 22, Princeton Theological Seminary
20141021 172637 1 ppp  Oct. 21. with Dr. Moffett, Princeton, NJ
DAU 85331 11 June 14 UCLA Graduation, With Chair of ALC Depart. & Dean of College of Humanites

hbo gra June 13 My son's college graduation

954715 703936136319334 3228351633278856763 n April 14 Lectured at K D.Min Program, Fuller Theological Seminary 
"The Contextualization of Protestantism in Early Modern Korea: Its history and Legacy"

gordon 1 Nov. 15 a paper presented, at Reform 500, Gordon College, Boston
"The First Three Decades and the Recent Three Decades of Korean Protestantism"

IMG 7895-11 IMG 3128 Oct. 25 Im Conference, UCLA 

2013-10-19 04.50.25-111 DSCN4001-111 Oct 17
World Christianity Forum at Boton University School of Theology, Boston
With Prof. Dana Robert, my teacher, and two classmates who became professors in US.

book 2013 October 15 Interview with the KoreaDaily on the book. 
September 3, Author's copy of The Making of Korean Christianity received from Balyor University Press 

DSCN3954-1 DSCN3961 June 24-29
Yale Divinity School Library Archives & 2013 Yale-Edinburgh Mission Studies Conference

aas 2013 oakc March 23 
AAS Annual Meeting, San Diego. Lunch with scholars of Christianities in East Asia
Westminster abbey july 1 July 1, Sunday worship at Westminster Abbey, London, UK
Yale-Edinburgh-Meeting June 30, at the Assembly Hall, New College, University of Edinburgh
                            450px-John Knox statue New College Edinburgh June 29, John Knox statue, New College, Edinburgh, Scotland

1522 luther nt June 4, Luther's NT in 1522, Luther Museum, Luther-Wittenberg, Germany
wartburg-lutherstube-small June2, Luther's Room, Wartburg Castle, Germany
eisenach lutehr statue June 2, A side of the Luther Statue, Eisenach, Germany

img758-1 img758-2
       Altmarkt und Kreuzkirche, Dresden, Germany( Before in 1945 & After in 2004)
ja interviewInterview, Korea Daily, Los Angeles, May 8, 2012, page 23.
bergbaumuseum-bochum April, Bochum, Germany
unioben April 5 
Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany

moksin 1 Interview. Newsletter of the Center for Global Christianity and Missions, Boston University School of Theology (Winter 2012)
moksin2 Interview. Mokhoe wa Sinhak (Seoul: December 2011). 
yonsei che.jpg - 125.56 Kb 
   Nov. 25. Paper presented at the 126th Anniversary of Chejungwon, Yonsei University, Seoul
ewha presen.jpg - 237.35 Kb 
   Nov. 24. Lecture at the 140th Annicersary of Birth of M. J. Edmunds, Ewha University, Seoul    
my_camera_2.jpg - 394.96 Kb Oct. 21 Im Conference, UCLA Center for Korean Studies
 bible3.jpg - 106.28 Kb April 4  Symposium of the Korean Bible Society
        at Youndong Presbyterian Church, Seoul, 100th Anniv. of the Publication of the Korean (Hangul) Bible
 uts 11 12 2.jpg - 40.63 Kb In front of the America Bible Society, New York, Nov. 12 
 with dr. mrrs moffett.jpg - 142.00 Kb September 29 With Dr. Samuel H. Moffett & Mrs. Eileen F. Moffett, Princeton 
 moffett 2010-1 Dr. Moffett (1916-) is working on the biography of his father, Sept. 29.
 luce library .jpg - 46.29 Kb Special Collections, Henry Luce III Library, Princeton T. Seminary, Sept. 27.
 methodist h center.jpg - 44.26 Kb Methodist Histoical Center, Drew University, Sept. 24
 drew seminary.jpg - 62.09 Kb Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, NJ. September 20
 uts library.jpg - 51.22 Kb Burke Library, Union Theological Seminary, NY. Sept. 17. 
 yale 1.jpg - 39.15 Kb Yale Divinity School Library, CT. Sept. 15.      
 phs statues.jpg - 61.17 Kb Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia. September 7 
landis tombstone.jpg - 41.54 Kb At the Tombstone of Dr. Eli B. Landis (1865-1898), Lancaster, PA. September 5 
 may 8 2010.jpg - 42.81 Kb May 8, Los Angeles
"Shedding New Lingt on the Leaders of the Korean Independence Movement in the US," Symposium
in commemoration of the Centennial of the KNA.  
u.jpg - 217.67 Kb 
   Celebration of 125th anniversary of Horace G. Underwood's arrival in Korea and the publication of
the five volumes of "H. G. Underwood & Lillias H. Underwood Papers" (ed. by Oak Sung-Deuk Oak
and Yi Mahn-yol) at Yonsei University, April 5. 2010.
2009 k177.bmp - 285.93 Kb K177 Students from Latin America, March 2009


img2397.jpg - 343.85 Kb Luce Conference, April 2007: Profs. Min, Hertig, and Oak 
img2362.jpg - 483.21 Kb KOVISION (Korean Visiting Scholars Network) UCLA, April 2007

a1-21.jpg - 21.33 Kb Dongsoon Im and Mija Im