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2016 Im Conference

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The Im Dongsoon and Im Mija Conference of Korean Christianity

2016 Im Conference

Call for Papers: UCLA 2016 Im Conference of Korean Christianity

The UCLA Center for Korean Studies is pleased to announce that the 2016 Im Conference of Korean Christianity will be held at 10383 Bunche Hall on April 22, 2016.

The conference aims to give scholars in all Korea-related and world-Christianity fields an opportunity to present their researches on Korean Christianity, especially on the topics related to (1) Missionary Issues (2) Christianity in North(ern) Korea (3) Colonialism, Modernity, and Christianity, 1910-1945, and (4) Christianity and Nation Building, 1945-1960. 

The papers dealing with the following issues and related issues are to be considered by the selecting committee—(1) Missionaries' social network, genealogy of their mission theology, or other issues (2) A critical issue of Christianity in northern Korea, 1890-1945; Christianity in North Korea, 1945-1988 or 1988-2015; North Korean refugees and Christianity, 1995-2015 (3) Protestantism and colonial modernity; Roman Catholicism and colonial modernity; Christian nationalism and Pro-Japanese collaboration; colonialism and Christian education; and the colonial medical hegemony and Christian medical work. (4) Conflict between Christianity and Communism, 1945-1955; Christianity and the American Military Rule, 1945-1948; or the Korean War and Christianity, 1950-1953 (5) Christian Ideas of the Nation, 1945-1955; Christians and the Syngman Rhee Government, 1948-1960, or related topics. 

The paper should be one that has not been published in an academic journal or a book yet. The conference is open to doctoral students, postdocs, and junior professors. It is also open to all applicants in the world, but preference will be given to those who are in the US. 

Applicants should submit a short CV, abstract (within 400 words), and the full paper (8,000-10,000 words) by e-mail to professor Sung-Deuk Oak ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). The application deadline is March 15, 2016. The result of the application will be notified by March 22. 

Airfare (round trip), accommodations (a single room, 2 nights), and local transportation fees (shuttles from home to airport and LAX to UCLA) will be funded to all accepted participants. 

All presenters will have a 40-minute talk and 15 minute-discussion session at the conference. All participants need to submit their revised full paper by April 10, 2016.

For further information, see the program webpage ( and contact Jenny Yoo, assistant director of the UCLA Center for Korean Studies (

Sung-Deuk Oak
Dongsoon Im and Mija Im Chair
Associate Professor of Korean Christianity
234A Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1540 

2013 Im Conference

"Time of Crisis, Time for Renewal: Korean Christianity, 1960-2015”

Time & Date: 9:30am - 4:30 pm,October 25, 2013
Place: Bunche Hall 10383, UCLA



9:30~9:50 Light Breakfast & Coffee9:50Welcoming: Dr. Sung-Deuk Oak, Dept. of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA

Session 1. Issues in the 2000s-2010s

10:00~10:30 “High Religiosity and Low Confidence in Religious Institutions: A Case of South Korea” by Dr. Young-Il Kim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute forStudies of Religion,Baylor University, Waco, TX

10:30~10:55 Response and Discussion
      Dr. James H. Grayson, Emeritus Professor of Modern Korean Studies,University of Sheffield, UK
11:00~11:30 “Is There A Future for Weirdly Uniform Churches? The Necessity and Possibility of Diversifying Korean Protestantism” by Dr. Yunseong Kim, Associate Professor, Dept. of Religion and Culture, Hanshin University, Osan, Korea(now a visiting professor at Columbia University)

11:30~11:55 Response and Discussion
     Dr. Hak Joon Lee, Professor of Theology and Ethics, Fuller Theological Seminary,Pasadena, CA

12:00~2:00 Lunch & Free time

Session 2. Issues in the 1960s~1990s

2:00~2:30 “Ham Seok-heon’s Understanding of History” by Dr. Halla Kim, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Nebraska, Omaha

2:30~2:55 Response and Discussion

     Mrs. Hanmee N. Kim, Doctoral Candidate (Korean History), UCLA

3:00~3:30 Communicative Interaction in Transnational Christians

Networks in the 1970s and 80s” by Ms. Misook Lee, Doctoral Candidate (Communication), University of Tokyo,Japan(now a visiting fellow at Harvard-Yenching Institute)

3:30~3:55 Response and Discussion

     Ms. Sangmee Oh, Doctoral Candidate (Korean History), UCLA

Session 3.Wrapping-up Discussion

      Dr. Sung-Deuk Oak,Associate Professor of Korean Christianity, UCLA
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2011 Im Conference
Korean Christianity in the East Asian Context

Friday October 21, 2011
6275 Bunch Hall, UCLA

9:00~9:30 am light breakfast & greetings

1. French Catholic Missions in East Asia and Korea

9:30~10:00Pierre-Emmanuel Roux, Ph. D. candidate, EHESS, Paris
“Chosŏn Korea in the Catholic Conquest of East Asia: Re-visioning Missionary Strategies in a Regional Context and a Long Term Perspective (16th-19th Century)”
10:00-10:20 response and discussion

2. American Missions, Imperialism, and Korean Diaspora, 1880-1915

10:20~10:50Dr. Wayne Patterson, Professor of History, St. Norbert College
“Christianity, American Missionaries, and Korean Immigration to the United States, 1903-1915"
10:50~11:10 response and discussion
11:20~11:50Dr. Henry H. Kim, Assistant Prof. of Sociology, Wheaton College
“Horace N. Allen: Missions, Expansionism, Structural Holes, and Social Capital”
11:50~12:10 response and discussion 
lunch 12:10~2:00 pm

3. American Missions and Japanese Colonialism, 1910-1940

2:00~2:30Dr. Jimin Kim, Ph. D., Columbia University, 2011
“Cross and Justice: Christianity and Political Discourse on Colonial Korea in the US, 1910-20"
2:30~2:50 response and discussion
3:00~3:30Dr. Yeonseung Lee, Th. D. Boston University, 2011
“Collaborative Autonomy: the Yokohama Agreement of the YMCA and Yun Ch’i-ho”
3:30~3:50response and discussion 

4. Contemporary Korean Protestantism in Taiwan and Japan, 1990-2010

3:50~ 4:20 Chengpang Lee, Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago 
“A Journey of Pilgrim: Korean Christianity and its Influence on Taiwanese Churches"
4:20~4:40 response and discussion

5. General Discussion

4:40 ~ 5:10Dr. Sung-Deuk Oak, Associate Professor of Korean Christianity, UCLA
Dr. Paul S. Cha, UCLA (discussant of the conference) 
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2009 Im Conference
Friday-Saturday, April 17-18, 2009

2007 Im Conference

Friday, April 27, 2007; 4357 Bunche Hall
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