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o Church History:

o International Bulletin of Missionary Studies by OMSC 

o International Review of Missions by WCC

o Journal of Church and State by Baylor University   

o Journal of Ecclesisatical History

 o Free Academic Journals

Asian Ethnology  

East Asian History

o Journal of Asian Studies

Korean Studies 

o Acta Koreana   by Kyemyong University
o International Journal of Korean Studies    by International Council on Korean Studies

o International Review of Korean Studies    by The University of New South Wales

o Journal of Korean Religions   by Sogang University

o Journal of Korean Studies  by Stanford University
o Korea Journal   by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO
o Korea Focus  by the Korea Foundation
o Korean Histories by Leiden University
o Korean Studies by University of Hawaii
o Review of Korean Studies  by Academy of Korean Studies
o Seoul Journal of Korean Studies   by Seoul National University